On April 4, 2022, a remote publicity event for the implementation of the Welfare Consultants Model in Skuodas Municipality took place.

The aim of the project, tasks, the idea of ​​a welfare consultant, working methods were presented at the event. The participants of the event were introduced to the ways of registration for a welfare consultant consultation.

The moderator of the event led sessions on good emotional well-being, positive thinking, in the practical part of which the participants were interactively involved in useful exercises to help themselves in a stressful situation. That was the title of the message: “How to help yourself to be able to help others.” Public feedback has shown that such training is lacking and much needed.

At the end of the event, participants were invited to play a quiz on physical, emotional health and well-being. In the form of an adventurous game, we tested our knowledge and learned useful facts about ourselves. The motivation to play was further enhanced by the fact that all participants were invited to come to the Skuodas Family Social Services Center to collect prizes with project attributes.

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